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Logo Design with distinct colors, fonts, and shapes to represent any company, agency, organization, product or service. Promote recognition among your consumers with Logo & Branding Design for consistency & flexibility that define your company identity.


Above all, developing a strong logo & brand identity is a key part of your overall marketing design strategy, but it is often overlooked.

A brand identity should be established in the beginning of any company, so the process going forward is smooth. In fact, this is the groundwork needed for your company’s identity to ensure your website, social media channels and future marketing design efforts go smoothly.

How To Get Started

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    How do I get started?

    Simple. We have you start by filling out our initial quote form above, and you will be contacted immediately about your request. You may also download our branding and logo questionnaire and attach to your quote.

    This helps guide you through the discovery phase asking you about key elements you may not have thought of when imagining your logo or brand design. As a result, this helps speed up the design and quote process.

    I have a logo idea, but I'm not sure where to start, can you help?

    Yes, filling out our logo & Brand questionnaire will help you create a clear vision. It is much easier to work with designers, copywriters, marketing strategists and internal teams when the proper brand identity is established. Then upload any sketches or samples you might have.

    How much does a design usually cost?

    Design Pricing is calculated per customer request unless stated otherwise. Discounts may be available when you bundle multiple design services. Affordable rates to meet any budget!

    Do you use stock logo templates in your designs?

    Each design is unique and tailored to each customer. Therefore you never have to worry about another company having the same logo or brand identity as yours.

    What file formats do I get when I finalize my logo design?

    After final approval of  your logo, you will be emailed a link to download your logo assets, and a .ZIP file that contains Print Ready (Vector) and Web Ready artwork in the most popular formats one might need, which include the following:

    Print, Vector & Web File Formats, .AI, .PDF, and .EPS

    EPS and PDF files are vector images and primarily used for printing. Vector images can be enlarged and reduced without affecting image quality.


    JPG and PNG files are mainly used for the web like your website or social media pages. Enlarging them will diminish image quality. PNG files are transparent while JPG are not transparent.


    These are just the standard file types we provide with every logo package. If there is a certain format you would like to be included, please let us know. In most cases, no additional charges needed.

    How long does it take to get a design project back?

    We work hard to meet any deadline you may have for any given project. Logo design projects usually take 5-7 Business Days. While full Brand Identity projects can take up to 10+ Business Days. If for some reason a project takes longer to complete, you will be notified immediately.


    Granting that its a simple task, revision, or update to something previously created, you’ll usually get it back same day. Equally if it’s a complex request, it may take longer for completion. Also note we currently don’t work weekends.

    How are payments processed?

    We use INTUIT®, a leading payment gateway to process payments. More information can be found Here. In addition we also accept PayPal® and Zelle®, just use our email address: [email protected] when sending payments and make sure to reference your invoice number.

    Do you offer printing services as well?

    Yes, we do offer printing services. Just let us know what your printing needs are and we will get you a print estimate emailed over to you.